International Surgery Rome (ISR) offers state-of-the-art care in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders affecting the lower gastrointestinal tract, specially the rectum and anus. These disorders include: Hemorrhoids (Piles) Anal Abscess/Fistula Anal Fissure Anal Warts Constipation Pilonidal Disease Polyps of the Colon and Rectum Pruritus Ani (anal itching) Rectal Prolapse Whether it is an...
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What you need to know about hemorroids in pregnancy?
Pregnancy is no doubt a wonderful time. However, it is not all about unicorns and rainbows when it comes to growing a whole human in your uterus. Of the many medical difficulties and side effects, Haemorrhoids are considered to be a common one. They are basically swollen blood vessels in the rectal area which are...
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About Us

We are a surgical team based in Rome at Salvator Mundi International Hospital, specialized in laparoscopic surgery, oncologic surgery, colorectal surgery, gallbladder surgery, hernia surgery and proctology.